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Audio interview with Brother George Karatzia and Brother George Petrakakis District Governor D5 on 1450 AM radio station on the AHEPA service dogs for warriors project.
I want to thank Bert Barron for giving AHEPA the opportunity to make the public aware of our commitment to our veterans.


AHEPA’s involvement in the K9 for Warriors effort was started by Garden State Chapter 517 in partnership with the t. Dennis W. Zilinski II Memorial Fund in 2016 when our chapter sponsored AHEPA’s first service dog ( a beautiful black lab who will be named “AHEPA”) .
These wonderful dogs help veterans suffering from (PTSD).
This K9 for Warriors program became a National Project at the AHEPA Convention this past summer.
Chapter 517 was appointed by the National Projects Committee to coordinate this effort and to manage the funds through a 501 c 3 corporation formed for this purpose. .
The cost to train a service dog is $15,000. Most of the dogs are rescue dogs and none of the costs are borne by the veteran.
As we accumulate $15,000, the funds will be transferred to the Zilinski foundation to acquire another service dog.
How can you help? We invite each district and chapter to hold one fundraiser a year for this program. Let’s work together to acquire one or more service dogs in 2017 and inspire others to do the same so we can help save the lives of those who have fought so bravely for us.
All funds should be made payable to :
PO BOX 735 - HOLMDEL - NJ - 07733
(EIN# 0450103121)
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To all my friends, this is a heartfelt appeal to all of you! I don't care what your Political affiliation is, nor your Ethnic background, Faith or Race… This is something that needs to be addressed! So many of our Service Men & Women come home from various theaters of War in a physical sense, but mentally they remain on the Battlefield, imprisoned by their own thoughts. Roughly on average, 22 Veterans choose to commit suicide every single day rather than live with the effects of their invisible battle scars…
A Specially Trained Service Dog can provide to our Hero's a great sense of Security and offers a calming effect to each of these Veterans and allows them to get the Physical exercise, that can make a huge positive difference in the lives of those Veterans who Suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
PTSD Service Dogs can:
*Help with episodes of depression
*Assistance in coping with emotional overload
*Help adjust serotonin levels
*Help lower blood pressure
*Calm the Veteran
*Prevent people overcrowding or rushing the Veteran

These Specially Trained Service Dogs are expensive, each roughly $15,000 USD! However, if we can all get together, especially my friends who follow me, I know we can help offset the costs! Can you help?
I work closely with only a few charities, but this one has my heart! I never served a day in my life, BUT if I can help make a difference to a Veteran who put his/her life on the line, I will do whatever I can!
Hit this link below to find out more about the program that the AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) is involved in, especially the AHEPA-Service Dogs For Warriors program! Please Help and donate what you can!
Thank you all so much...
Basile, @BasileFans